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There are a few lists out about female front women, but this list is for the best female fronted bands that are considered metal including metalcore, nu-metal, death

No more is the guitar a mans only club, and it’s about damn time we celebrate and recognize. From Leah Woodard and Aliases to the always incredible Nita Strauss, th

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Today I am pleased to bring you samplings of a handful of my favorite bands. It so happens they are all mostly-female or female-fronted punk bands.

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With a mix of Canadian and American band members is the female-fronted Insatia and its sophomore offering Phoenix Aflame released on the Pitch Black Records label.

Mar 16, 2015 · New Music Video is here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8aCemLHDdw 「Story of Hope」 2015/04/15より全国リリースの1st EP、Historia EPから

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Here are seven incredible female rappers that you should be listening to right now: Lee Mazin. Taliyah Smith a.k.a. Lee Mazin started making waves with her Lovelee

Metaladies, site dedicated to all-female metal bands with biographies, music, galleries, videos, news and interviews

All-female metal bands directory Metaladies – All Female Metal Bands All Female Metal Bands

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Unlike punk rock, for some reason the world of heavy metal has not always been the most accepting of women, unless they are scantily clad or topless

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