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Women are crazy. I’m not really sure what else to say. But after watching this video I’m convinced. When you get a huge ratio of horny women in a room vs naked male

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1. I do not accept the “F word” as your name 2. What in the fuck? 3. You stupid fuck! 4. I sugest we go fuck in your mothers bed while eating crackers and petting a

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Learn Polish greetings and farewell with!

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Sep 27, 2015 · My interview with geopolitical analyst Joel Skousen covers the setup for another world war, the failures of the alternative media and what you can do to

Here are a list of stereotypes and prejudices about Poles (or if you prefer The Polish people) and Poland. Polish jokes are jokes based on stereotypes about Polish

Polish Chicken Farming. Some Polish people decide to start a chicken farm. They get some chickens and plant them in the ground, headfirst.

Based Polish Member of Parliament Dominik Tarczynski laid waste to a BBC host while discussing Europe’s refugee crisis. As has been widely reported, Poland has

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The terms Polonophobia, anti-Polonism, antipolonism and anti-Polish sentiment refer to a spectrum of hostile attitudes toward Polish people and culture.

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Kurwa. The most common curse word in Polish is kurwa, which can mean a variety of things – damn, bitch, fuck, {insert any word}, and can even serve as a comma.


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